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Painkiller Boardgame aims at promoting board games. Playing board games can train up your logical thinking, strategic thinking and communication skills, it can also release pressure.


We source different games globally, for providing more choices from beginner to expert, also for targeting games which are easy-learning and worth to be collection.


We provide different board game service; places for everyone to relax and enjoy board games; educational course for students; and also, board games supply for retailers, centers, government departments, schools and customers.

我們提供不同的桌遊服務; 客人可以放鬆身心並享受桌遊的地方; 桌遊教育課程; 以及為零售商,中心,政府部門,學校和大眾提供各種類桌上遊戲。

All we provide are legal copies, board games and peripheral products. We hope customers enjoy the masterpiece games with the well-made accessories, also support different groups in the game industry, including the game designer and graphic designer.


Our brick and mortar store located on 2 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. Painkiller Boardgame Cafe is a place specialised for boardgamers and coffee lovers. Customers could pick up games from there and also find some specified items. Painkiller BG Shop also provide wide range of board game selection, with plenty information customers could access. Welcome to visit us.

實體店位於尖沙咀加拿芬道2號-棋艦店2,是一間專門為桌遊愛好者而設的咖啡室,提供優質咖啡及舒適環境給客人,惟消閑的好去處。顧客可到實體店取貨,也有貨品只在棋艦店2內供應。棋艦·網購·店 也提供廣泛的桌上遊戲選擇,客人亦可以在此得到大量桌遊資訊。歡迎光臨參觀。


Apart from promoting board games and providing board games knowledge in our shop, we also visit different organizations for promotional activities. Moreover, we organize workshops in collaboration with special groups as well. Please join our facebook or ask us for more details.

我們除了在店內推廣桌遊及提供桌遊知識外,亦會到訪不同機構進行推廣活動及社區公益活動,也有和特別團體合作舉辦工作坊,包括在社區中心或學校舉辦桌遊教室,在大型展場設立展覽攤位和定期舉辦桌遊比賽。如有興趣與我們合作,請加入我們 facebook 或向我們查詢詳情。

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